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What’s the future of commerce? What products are customers looking for? Where are the real opportunities for forward-looking financial institutions? At Visa’s Innovation Centres across the world, we’re working on those questions and helping our clients identify and develop the ideas that will move their business.

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We have innovation centres and studios around the globe. And each hub is anchored to local culture and trends, enabling us to identify, design and deliver products and solutions for our customers that are both unique to their business and driven by their customers’ needs.

Dubai + Nairobi

Highlighting the future of commerce and the impact of new technologies on the way we shop, pay and are paid.

San Francisco + New York

Our Innovation Centres were built to foster collaboration and deepen the relationships that we value most.


Welcome to the place where collaboration is the basis of our vision and where we deepen our relationships in order to build a better future.


The gateway to the Asia Pacific region: an open and collaborative space to discover, design and develop the future of commerce together.