Tips & Tricks



Use Familiar Websites
if you know the site, chances
for safe shopping are more likely.

Find a padlock or key icon that
is not broken at the top or
bottom of browser.

Is the site secure? Look for the "S" 
When paying online, check URL 
to ensure it begins with "https://"

Visa Secure / Verified by Visa

As an additional layer of protection, this is
a service that will let you use an OTP with
your Visa card, giving you added assur-
ance that only you can use your Visa card 
to make purchases over the Internet.

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Three-digit security code (CVV2)

CVV2 ( Card Verification Value 2) is 
a three-digit security code printed
on the back of each Visa card,
next to your signature. 

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Disputing a transaction

If you feel you are unfounded in charge of
an online transaction, you can dispute the
transaction and stop the payment.

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