Get a monthly Google Workspace subscription starting at $3 with a Visa Business card.

Google Workspace gives an opportunity to collaborate on the Internet in a whole new way and increase business productivity.

How does Google Workspace help your business?

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud-based tools and services that can give your company a whole new way to collaborate on the Internet to improve your business productivity. Google Workspace has: email for your business, rich calendar, powerful documents, sheets and slides for real-time collaboration, chat, phone and video conferencing, websites, forms, polls, enterprise-grade support, storage and archiving.


Why Google Workspace?

  • Secure corporate mail (Gmail);
  • convenient planning of conferences, meetings, events (Calendar);
  • secure data storage and quick access to them (Disk);
  • organizing videoconferencing with confidentiality (Google Meet);
  • collaboration with documents without installing special software (Documents);
  • effective teamwork (Tables); 
  • development of creative presentations (Presentation);
  • convenient communication with colleagues, clients (Google Chat).


How to redeem the offer?

  1. Go to the Poshvine website and click the Claim Offer button.
  2. Enter the first 8 digits of your Visa Business card number for validation.
  3. Click the Redeem button to go to the partner's website.
  4. Register by entering the requested data.
  5. Once your subscription is confirmed, pay for it with your Visa Business, Visa Platinum Business or Visa Signature Business card.

Offer is valid from January 01, 2023 to December 31, 2024.


Terms and Conditions

Partner Terms and Conditions

This offer is specifically for Visa customers to purchase Google Workspace. ResellerClub will own all customers who purchase Google Workspace through and will be responsible for providing administrative support to said customers. This offer is valid until further notice from ResellerClub. ResellerClub reserves the right to terminate this offer without further notice. Google Workspace pricing is subject to change subject to Google's pricing revisions. ResellerClub reserves the right to revise Google Workspace pricing without prior notice. This offer applies to both existing and new Visa card holders.

Visa Terms and Conditions

The details of the Offer are based on the information provided by the Partner. Visa provides no guarantee that the information is correct. To confirm the availability and validity of the Offer, please contact the Partner directly. The Partner is the sole supplier of all goods and/or services under this Offer. Accordingly, the Visa Cardholder understands, acknowledges and agrees that his/her purchase of any goods and/or services under this Offer constitutes an agreement solely between the Partner and him/her, and Visa is not and will not be a party to it. By using or attempting to use any goods and services under this Offer, the Visa Cardholder understands, acknowledges and agrees that: Any claim, complaint or dispute of any nature arising out of or in connection with the purchase or attempted purchase by the Cardholder of any goods and/or or services under this Offer (each “Claim”) shall be settled by the Visa Cardholder directly with the Partner, and the Visa Cardholder shall not bring any claims against Visa. Without prejudice to the foregoing, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Visa shall not be liable to any person for any loss, damage, expense or claim (whether direct or indirect) in connection with any injury, death, misrepresentation, damage or omission arising out of or in connection with the use or attempted use of the Offer or the goods and/or services provided under the Offer.