How can your business benefit from Microsoft Azure platform?

Azure Cloud Platform offers more than 200 products and cloud services to help you turn new solutions into a reality - meet current challenges and create the future. Create, run and manage applications on multiple clouds, locally and on the edge with the tools and platforms you prefer.

Why Microsoft Azure?

  • Create mobile applications connected to the cloud based on clients' interests and behaviours using artificial intelligence and cognitive services.
  • Implement innovations into existing and future applications - implementing Windows and Linux virtual machines, application modernisation and development in cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Create workloads in Azure to scale with your business, and host domains, and accelerate implementation with DevOps tools.
  • Upgrade to payment when you use it, receiving free monthly volumes of popular services for 12 months.


Special offer from Google Cloud by Microsoft Azure for Visa Business cardholders

Save 15% on your monthly payments for Microsoft Azure through Meridian with Visa Business card.

How to take advantage of the offer?

  1. Go to Poshvine website and click "Claim Offer" button.
  2. Insert the first 9 digits of your Visa Business card number for validation
  3. Click "Redeem" button to go to the Partner's website.
  4. Insert your data and click on "Start Now!"
  5. Meridian representative will contact you and inform you of your next steps.

The offer is valid from April 01, 2023, 00:00 GMT to March 31, 2024, 23:59 GMT.


Terms & Conditions

Partner's Terms and Conditions

Meridian provides a 15 % discount on monthly payments. Transfer of data up to 100 GB per month is free of charge and extra usage will be charged according to actual data. The above estimation is preliminarily and will be charged based on actual consumption in each payment period. The Client is liable for any additional consumption of virtual machine/other resources. The fees are charged based on the operational hours or capacity of the applicable services.  Discounts apply only to pay-per-use services, and not to reserved events.  To take advantage of Azure hybrid usage, the client should have an appropriate licence with an active software assurance (SA). A licence without SA is not appropriate for use on Azure virtual machines. Fees for discs will be charged based on the used capacity. The fee is charged for disks that are not connected to virtual machines. For backups, you will be charged a fee based on the number of protected services and the total amount of backup data storage. For any changes to the subscription or the addition of resources, a fee will be charged.  The Client is responsible for this unless the Meridian team is involved in such a deployment.  The Client is required to provide written confirmation for adding or removing resources or services in the Azure subscription to avoid confusion in the future.  Backup of data is done for the application server and database server using Azure backup service for protection of critical data.

Cancellation Policy:

  • For cancellation of services, a notice of at least one month prior is required.
  • A placed purchase order cannot be refunded.
  • Loaded orders cannot be cancelled or replaced.

Visa Terms & Conditions

Offer details as shown are based on the information provided by the Partner. Visa makes no warranty that the information provided is correct. Please verify the availability and validity of the Offer directly with the Partner. The Partner is the sole supplier of all goods and/or services under this offer. Visa Cardholder therefore understands, acknowledges and agrees that his/her purchase of any goods and/or services under this Offer constitutes an agreement solely between the Partner and him/her, and Visa is not and will not be part of this agreement. By using or trying to use any goods and services within this Offer, the Visa Cardholder recognizes, acknowledges, and agrees that: Any claims, complaints, or disputes of any nature arising from or relating to the Cardholder's purchase or attempted purchase of any goods and/or services within this Offer (each claim) shall be resolved by the Visa Cardholder directly with the Partner, and the Visa Cardholder shall not make any claim against Visa. Without prejudice to the preceding and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Visa is not liable to any person for any loss, damage, expense, or claim (whether direct or indirect) in respect of any personal injury, death, misrepresentation, damage or omission resulting from or in connection with the use or attempt use of the Offer or the goods and/or services provided within the Offer.