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Digital Acquisition Solutions (DAS)

Customer preference for digital banking has been accelerated by the pandemic. A frictionless digital acquisition experience is crucial in the customer onboarding journey, as it sets the tone for all future interactions with the issuer.

Preventing fraud, minimizing risk and delivering a fast, efficient prospect experience are a challenging balance for all issuers to achieve in the digital acquisition process.

The highly-advanced Digital Acquisition Solution from Visa enriches prospect data and combines biometrics with AI verification to enable your business to better qualify leads while taking control of risk.

Portfolio Management Platform (PMP)

Visa’s Portfolio Management Platform was created to support issuers in overall cards portfolio strategy to growing card business performance and deepening customer relationships through data-driven, lifecycle marketing activities.

Portfolio Management Platform helps Issuers to save Time, Money and Resources, enabling the focus on Revenue generating activities.

The graph shows the performance of accounts with CLM and without CLM

Portfolio Optimization Solutions

Customer Lifecycle Management Program

A disciplined approach to managing cards portfolios to improve overall customer engagement and profitability. It spans all areas of customer engagement, from acquisition to activation, usage, loyalty, reactivation and retention.

Visa Digital Market Accelerator

A tool that helps you to assess your existing digital performance compared to the market and understand your market opportunities, drive new digital channel adoption, increased digital spend, and understand how your customers have been spending via its propensity and behavioral models

Visa Portfolio Health Check (VPHC) Solution

A disciplined way to improve overall customer engagement and profitability.

Decline Identification Engine Tool (DIET)

An algorithm-based analytics tool providing prioritized improvement opportunities, internal context such as decline reasons, external context such as market average benchmarking, and recommended actions.

Portfolio Management White Paper

During our years of experience of harnessing data for the good of our clients, we have identified the most common portfolio challenges that Issuers face. To address each of these, we have developed a range of bespoke data solutions that assess the health of your portfolio, drive payment behavior and optimize business performance.