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Explosive growth in digital sales can increase fraud risk and false declines

$ 29.2 B

global Card-Not-Present fraud loss (2023 projection)¹

51 %

of cardholders will switch cards after a false decline²

Visa Advanced Authorisation + Visa Risk Manager

Visa Advanced Authorisation

Visa Advanced Authorisation (VAA), powered by Visa’s AI platform, is used around the world to detect fraud and improve authorisation.

  • Provides easy-to-use, in-flight risk scores
  • Harnesses global data and fraud trends from trillions of VisaNet transactions
  • Analyzes 500+ unique attributes3 and 2 years of account history
  • Used by 8,000+ global financial institutions

Visa Risk Manager

Visa Risk Manager (VRM) turns the insights of VAA into action—streamlining and enhancing your fraud operations.

This web-based suite of tools gives you greater control and flexibility in deploying your risk strategies and managing risk tolerance.

  • Create, test, and publish authorisation rules within minutes
  • Access 70+ additional transaction parameters to VAA’s existing risk scoring
  • Enable case management for specific card accounts,whitelisting and blacklisting, and reporting functions

It’s allowed us to stop a lot of compromises, detect a lot of fraud but more importantly let a lot of transactions go that are legit.

— Head of Fraud Operations, FNB – South Africa

Visa Advanced Authorisation + Visa Risk Manager. They add up to more

$ 26 B

of annual fraud prevented across 160B VisaNet transactions⁴

65 k

transactions scored per second⁵

25 +

years of AI experience using best-in-class machine learning technology

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¹ Online Payment Fraud, 2018-2023, Juniper Research

² Addressing the Threat of False Positive Declines, October 2018, Javelin Strategy & Research

VisaNet unique attributes evaluated

VisaNet data

VisaNet unique attributes evaluated